MWM, Mod Wave Movement, one of the leading Streetwear brands today.

Mod Wave Movement is a luxury brand founded in 2017 by the design team: Mike Design, which arises when creatively combining elements of Eastern and Western street culture.


MWM The Streetwear best brand | Mod Wave Movement

The aim of the brand is to go beyond the limits of traditional style, highlighting three factors that manifest the differential value of the brand: the quality and detail of the products, free spirit, and the creation of unisex garments.

Mod Wave Movement is committed to a modern, creative and young Streetwear style.

Through these factors MWM opts for a modern, creative and young Streetwear style through constant evolution and without imposing limitations on individual expression, projecting a free social image that speaks about the person and not of what is assumed of them.

The brand wants its followers to show their personality through the latest trends captured by the brand itself, which works daily on innovation and design of new prototypes producing four collections a year designed in detail.

Break the traditional style's limits.

Mod Wave Movement

Mod Wave Movement is the result of influences from Canadian and Japanese Streetwear, which is born through its inspiration in street culture and urban symbols, being one of the most renowned brands in the international market and one of the most respected in the world of design in Asia.

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